Active tips around the Messnerhof

... Val Sarentino in summer...

Lago di Valdurna
Lago di Valdurna is just a stone’s throw from our holiday farm. Owing to its icy temperature, it is not suitable for swimming, but the one-hour tour around the lake is a must for holidaymakers: Because it is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in South Tyrol.

The Val Sarentino Alps offer holidaymakers a variety of hiking trails at different degrees of difficulty. An easy walk, for example, is the Sarentino valley tour. At higher altitudes, marked trails lead to traditional mountain huts, original alpine pastures or one of more than 140 panoramic peaks, such as the Monte Forcella Sarentina, the Croce di Pozza, the Corno Bianco or the Cima di San Giacomo. The “Urlesteig” nature experience trail in the Reinswald hiking area brings families with children in close contact with the local flora and fauna. A special highlight are the “Omini di Pietra” (stoan men) on the Giogo dei Prati. Between the man-high, legendary cairns, you can enjoy over 2,000 metres of panoramic views as far as the Dolomites.

Mountain biking
Bikers will find numerous possibilities in Val Sarentino and continual fresh challenges at all levels of difficulty. The selection ranges from easy tours to challenging trails with up to 1,500 metres of altitude difference. Afterwards, you can fortify yourself in the traditional alpine pastures and mountain huts. Insider tips include the “Witches Tour” to the “Omini di Pietra” or the “Scheppsn Runde” in the back of the Valle di Valdurna.

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... Val Sarentino in winter ...

Reinswald ski resort
In the cold season, the Reinswald ski resort, just seven kilometres from the Messnerhof, attracts all manner of winter sports enthusiasts. Via the chair lift, gondola or ski lift, beginners and advanced skiers can reach an altitude of 2,500 metres. Here, skiers and snowboarders will find 14 kilometres of slopes with guaranteed snow as well as a snow park, ski school and ski hire. Ski tourers or freeriders can have fun away from the slopes.

Gentle winter sports
Ski tourers, snowshoe or winter hikers, tobogganists or Nordic walkers start their tours through the unspoiled countryside around Valdurna right from the Messnerhof front door.

Cross-country skiing in Val di Pennes
Cross-country skiers enjoy a route along the Val di Pennes, past rustic mountain farms and cosy restaurants. The trail of the same name in the back of the Val Sarentino is groomed daily.

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... and when the weather is bad ...

MMM Firmian
The MMM Firmian at Castel Firmiano south of Bolzano is the centrepiece of the five South Tyrolean Messner Mountain Museums and deals with the conflict between Man and Mountain. Surrounded by the mighty peaks of the Sciliar and Gruppo di Tessa, the origins and significance of the mountains can be traced inside the spacious complex.

Strolling in Bolzano
Bolzano is an absolute paradise for those who love to shop. Beneath the romantic archways, shopaholics will find traditional South Tyrolean costumes alongside Haute couture, traditional arts and crafts alongside unusual designer pieces, regional delicacies alongside international specialities.

The Bolzano Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art comprises a collection of some 4,500 works, curated since the beginning of the 1990s. But the Museion has much more to offer: it’s an architectural wonder, international research studio, piazza, podium, information centre – in short: well worth a visit.

Since 1998, the Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano has housed the most famous person from South Tyrol besides Reinhold Messner – Ötzi. The mummified body of the 5,000-year-old man from the ice was found by chance at the Passo di Tisa in Val Senales in 1991 and can now be seen together with his clothes and the objects he carried along with him.