Highlights in Val Sarentino

Church art
The St. Nicholas Church in Valdurna is just a stone’s throw from our holiday farm and is famous for its frescoes dating from the 15th century. The churches of San Cipriano and Maria Assunta in Sarentino reflect the rich church art of the Val Sarentino. www.sarntal.com

In our small “valley metropolis” of Sarentino, which can be reached by car or bus in about 20 minutes from the Messnerhof, you will find numerous shops as well as the tourist office, post office, bank and medical care. www.sarntal.com

Hand weaving
For generations, natural sheepskins have been processed into the finest wool in Val Sarentino. The results are exquisite felt products as well as the exquisite “Sarner Jangger”, knitted with the typical Val Sarentino pattern. www.handweberei.it

Sarner quill embroidery
In the Thaler feather quill embroidery studio, visitors can buy leather products embellished with the decorative embroidery. You can also learn all about the craft itself. www.federkielstickerei.eu

Val Sarentino mountain pine
The Val Sarentino is the valley of the mountain pines. The essential oil extracted from “Pinus Sarentensis” has special healing powers. In Trehs’ products, the valuable essence of the Val Sarentino mountain pine is refined by hand into premium-quality natural cosmetics. www.trehs.com

Rohrer House
The Rohrer House in Sarentino, first mentioned in 1288, is a historical farm that has been converted into a museum with an old Rauchkuchl (kitchen with open fireplace) and bread oven. This is where the rural history of Val Sarentino comes to life. www.rohrerhaus.it

Fritz Wood-Turning Workshop
Wood has been turned at the Draxlhof since the 13th century – the one-person operation is now one of the three largest wood-turning facilities in South Tyrol. Every Friday in June, July and August, an exhibition day takes place at the Fritz Wood-Turning Workshop. www.drechslerei-fritz.com

Sarner Advent
Every year in December, the Sarentino alpine Advent takes you back to an enchanting world of yesteryear. There are more than 20 stands where visitors can experience forgotten crafts, original traditions and Christmas delights. www.alpenadvent.sarntal.com